Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Noah Goes To Hospital

When Noah was 5 months old he started developing strange sort of quick jerking movements. He would put his arms out then move them really fast into the middle, turn his head to the side, arch his back a bit and stare. He would only do this for a few seconds. It was quite scary and over the next few days started getting worse. At first we thought it was just spasms but we soon realised that something was different. We took him into the hospital and he had an EEG done. It showed that he was in fact having seizures. By this time he was doing it quite a lot. It was worse when he was tired or trying to fall asleep. Even if he was asleep sometimes he would jolt and wake himself up. The neurologist told us that it looked like he was having Infantile Spasms. He was put on Sabril, an anti-epileptic that is specifically used for IS. It seemed to help and after a few days he came home again.

Then after a few days at home they started to come back. One day he didn't really sleep all day and night. He would keep having these seizures and couldn't sleep because of it. Of course it happened to be the long weekend over Easter so the usual doctors were away. It got to 11pm and we decided to take Noah back to the hospital. He was admitted and given something to help him sleep. He had another EEG and it was discovered that he was actually having Mycolonic Seizures, of which Sabril can actually make worse! So he was put on a different anti-epileptic called Epilim. This really upset his stomach and he started vomiting and having other complications. Noah was in hospital for another week and this settled down and now 2 weeks later he isn't having any seizures that we can tell.

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