Thursday, March 10, 2011

Help Has Arrived!

Noah was about 4 months old when Nana Dot, Aunty Di and Aunty Grainne come to stay for a month. It was a blessing! At first I didn't know that Di's daughter Grainee was coming too. I didn't really know her very well and I wondered how she would be with Noah and me being the neat-freak stress-head that I am was worried about having too many people here. But I must say she is a gem. She is so easy going and sweet. She was great with Noah and it was nice to have someone to hang with and someone to watch The Kardashians with. Thanks gorgeous girl :)

It was so great to have them here, they all have there own unique wonderfulness. Nana Dot would take Noah when he woke up in the morning so we could sleep a bit more. Noah very often had a snooze with Nana. Di had a knack for holding Noah just the way he likes it and would tell him very interesting stories and Noah always seemed to fall asleep right on Grainee, when he wasn't vomiting on her that is. They all learnt how to look after Noah and really gave us a break while they were here. And who knows hopefully they will all be moving here soon.......

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