Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Nana's & Aunty's Visit

One thing that has been comforting whilst going through all this is knowing we have the support of our wonderful families. They are amazing and are worth their weight in gold!
A few days after Noah was born Nana Dot and Aunty Di came to visit. They had planned to visit just after Noah was born and although the situation was not what we had all been expecting they really took charge and helped us out immensely. We were going back and forwards to the hospital everyday and they did all our cleaning and cooking and cheered us up when we really needed it. (Love you guys xx)

Then Nana Pam and Aunty Judy came for a visit. Poor Aaron was sharing the house with 5 women! It was really nice to have them here. My Mum brought keepsakes that had belonged to my Nan who had recently past away. One was a pillow that said "A mother holds her children's hands for a while, and their hearts forever", it made me cry because I realised that no matter what happens I will always be a mother. There was a "Parents Only" policy in the NICU, but fortunately they allowed the girls to meet Noah. It was such a blessing having them all here and then it was time to say goodbye as they headed back to Melbourne.


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