Monday, September 12, 2011

Noah's First Holiday Part One

I am currently writing my latest post all the way on the other side of Australia, in Melbourne. We decided to bring Noah over to meet the rest of his family and friends. He has been lapping up all of the attention. I imagine it must be daunting enough to travel with such a young baby, but in my case I was petrified! I had myself fully convinced that everything was going to go wrong. As Noah doesn't swallow I thought the pressure would make him scream and worse case scenario he would rupture his ear drum. I thought he would have seizures. I thought that Qantas would think he was too "sick" to fly. I worked myself up to imagine the plane trip from hell ending in the plane having to make an emergency landing!

Well I should have just listened to my cool as a cucumber husband because Noah was amazing. He slept on take off and landing, didn't really cry at all and Qantas were awesome. They loved Noah and helped us with all his medical supplies and let us board first. Phew now I can breath a sigh of relief and enjoy our holiday :)

There were many people anxiously waiting to meet our little man in Melbourne. Aaron's Nanna, who is unable to fly, was first on the list to meet her first born Grandchild.

Noah was very popular at Nanna's nursing home. Everyone wanted to meet the little boy that they had heard so much about. There was a crowd of oldies and nurses trying to jockey for position with their wheelchairs and walking frames.

Next up it was Aunty Carlee's turn. She finally got to have a big cuddle.

Nanna Pam got to catch up with Noah. He has changed so much since she saw him in the NICU at just 6 weeks old.

Noah also got to meet a few other family members for the first time including Uncle Steve, Uncle Adam and Aunty Tanya. Noah loves meeting new people so I am guessing he is glad to be part of such a big family :)

Little Charlotte finally got to meet Baby No-ha as she calls him. So cute.

So many awesome new people to meet including the very cool Brendon. Love the glasses guys.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy Fathers Day

Things like Fathers Day, Mothers Day and the like can be a bit bitter-sweet. Its so hard not to think about what should have or could have been. I am sure that the "firsts" are the hardest and it will get easier in time.

I decided to surprise Aaron with a DVD I made of pictures of him and Noah. I used the words off of his Fathers Day card. Its times like these I realise how lucky I am to have such an amazing man as my husband and the father of our child. Happy Fathers Day Aaron, you're the best xx

Here is a smaller version of the DVD I made for the Best Dad in the World!

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