Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Kindness Of People

I wanted to share with everyone the kindness of people and the support we have experienced. As you may have read on our blog our amazing family has supported us from day 1! They have visited at different times and helped out with caring for Noah. Our family and friends are always there to help and listen when we just need to vent :)

Our situation has not only hit us emotionally but financially also. When Noah was born we were in the hospital everyday for 6 weeks. He has been back to hospital a few times since as well. Looking after Noah is very exhausting to say the least and then there's all the hospital trips and appointments for his therapy, that until this point we have had to travel into the city to attend. And then there is all the extra costs associated with his care.


We are lucky that Aaron has his own business and so can have time off when needed. But having a lot of time off certainly takes its toll. That's when Aaron's sister Narelle came up with the idea "Climbing Kinabalu for Noah". Narelle, Travis and Carlee are due to make the climb July 11th. They are spreading the word and gathering support. All our family and friends  have gotten involved....... I hear there are cards and wishes coming from people we don't even know. I am so astounded by the generosity of people. I look forward to sharing with everyone how it all goes and thanking everyone who has supported us.  

Trav, Carlee & Narelle at Mt Kosciuszko (Training for Kinabalu)
 Thank you guys so much, it was your idea and thoughtfulness that has blossomed into a massive amount of support and wishes for Noah.

Then a few weeks ago we got a message from a lady called Bree. Aaron used to go to school with her many moons ago. She heard about Noah and saw his blog and wanted to help. She set up an auction on Facebook. She is such an angel and worked really hard spreading the cause and keeping the auction page updated. This has been such a positive experience and we have received so many messages of support and offers of help. We just want to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts. It means so much to us that people would reach out and help us in a time of need. Help with offering auction items, bidding on items, spreading the word and sharing words of compassion. We will never forget the love we felt from everyone.

Bree and Her Beautiful Family

It was so fun to see the "bidding wars" going on and the high spirited banter between bidders. There were such amazing items donated. Including this picture donated by South Brisbane Storm Chases. It was taken the same day Noah was born, which I thought was such a heartfelt inclusion.

I would also like to thank the following businesses/people for their wonderful donations to our auction:

Little Loves Hand Stamped Jewellery & Baby Gifts
Grace's Corner
Cards and Stuff
Sweetly Scented - Soy Candles & Melts Handmade By Sarah
Sonix Family Entertainment
Sandilira - Holiday Shack Rental
Lizzy's Letters
South Brisbane Storm Chasers
Original Mischief
Siobhan Johns Photography
$1.00 Donation On Every Item Sold - Every Little Bit Counts
MCC Photography
Kakara Soy Candles
Moments To Share
Jason Ayres
Kids Cove
Christina's Bridal Elegance
Tezzas Tagger Scraps
Your Child!! The Movie Star
Belinda's Place - Bargains For Everyone
Tezabears Bedroom Buddys and Window Clings
Brightstar Kids Agent - Emma Joseph
Blaise - Poetic Baby
Fiona & Tania Vanstone
Tupperware Consultant
RJ Couture
Carol Watkins

And of course a big, fat, huge, massive, enormous, gigantic thank you to everyone who bid, donated, liked and spread the word about Noah's Ark.

People are like stars... we all have our own special light that shines from within. Sometimes we find our light to be dim and we struggle to shine... but that is when we need the light shed from the other stars to help us light our path once again..... Thank You to all the Stars out there xx